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Privacy Protection

Customer Register

Registry controller: Kuusade, FI29448714

We collect into our customer registry, on behalf of every registered customer, the following details:
Payer identification data and contact information, such as name, address, phone number and e-mail address;

If the registered party represents a company or a community, the payer identification data and contact information of the aforementioned company or community, such as name, company or community identifier, address, phone number and e-mail address

Collecting information for the registry is necessary when purchasing products and services of Kuusade, FI29448714

Personal information is collected only from the registered party through phone, internet, e-mail, or other designated contact method.

The registry information is used to deliver and handle orders as well as maintaining customer contact.
Registry information is not moved outside of the EU or the ETA.

Information saved into the registry is deleted every 6 months.

If they so wish, the registered party can contact the registry controller and ask for their information to be deleted faster. The information is deleted within 30 days of contact.

The information security as well as the confidentiality, integrity and usability of the payer identification data is verified by the appropriate technical procedures. The digital registry is protected by up-to-date data security program. There is no paper version.

The registered party has the right to inspect all recorded data relating to the registered party. Any requests of inspection and correction of data can be done by directly contacting the point of contact of the registry controller.