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Welcome to Kuusade

My name is Jenna, the artisan and person behind Kuusade, located in Tampere. Creating with my hands is my biggest passion, as I’m familiar with different techniques and am fond of the detail and preciseness that comes with the craft. I like to keep my skills up to date and am always in search of learning new ways of making.

All of my products are either self made or produced from art made by me! You can head over to the store using the links with the blue background.

I travel around Finland (and sometimes abroad!) selling my wares, and am more than happy to accept commissions!

Event calendar

Kuusade tours around Finland selling in different kinds of conventions and sales events. The event calendar will provide you with the up to date tour dates.

If you know an event you’d like to see Kuusade attend or would like to pick up your orders from an event, please be in touch!

Resale spots

Tampere – Metkunen


Tampereen Käsityöläismarkkinat, Tampere, 20.-.23.8
Desucon Frostbite, Lahti 26.-26.1
Minicon, Tampere Bar Lategame, 24.-25.7


Past fairs and cons: