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Custom Text Vinyl Decal

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Custom Text Vinyl Decal


  • Custom order made from your own word
  • 1-word text
  • 10cm long
  • Several fonts and vinyl color to choose from

This Product is custom, 1-word, text sticker cut from quality vinyl. The text will be 10cm long and the width depends on how long the word is (the longer the smaller). Remember to write the one (1) word you want to the personalization box

This sticker is cut from quality Vinyl. It can be added to variety of surfaces. It can not be washed or soaked in water.

Remove any greas and dust from the surface you are attaching the sticker. Remove white packing paper from behind the sticker. You are left with the clear application tape and the sticker. Use the clear application tape and position the sticker where you want it. Use spoon or credit card to firmly apply pressure with circular motion from top of the sticker and tape. Remove clear application tape slowly peeling it off in 45 degree angle. If the sticker has not attached itself to the surface, apply more pressure.

Additional information

Weight 13 g
Dimensions 4,5 × 4,5 × 1,5 cm
Color of the Vinyl

Black Matt, Blue Glitter, Dark Glitter, Glossy Black, Glossy Red, Red Glitter, Silver Glitter, Violet Glitter, White Matt

The number of the Font


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