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Sealing Wax Moons

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Sealing Wax Moons


There is 20 wax moons in the tin
You can chooce from many different colors

The sealing wax of Kuusade is made from my own recipy and its base is finnish beeswax.

Use 2-3 moons to one wax seal. You can remelt the wax over and over again. The room temperature wax seal has a little flex to it so it survives mailing but also "snaps" when folded like wirgh sealing wax should.

The wax and it's colors are mixed at our homestudio.. Please be aware that because the colors are handmixed there could be light difference in the shades between batches.

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Color of the Sealing Wax

Amethyst, Burgundy, Candy Violet, Emerald, Old Gold, Red Fox, Sapphire, Silver Fox, Sunset, Vellum


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